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Twin Models 65A & 65B Toolboxes

Twin Models 65A & 65B Toolboxes

The Twin Models 65A and 65B are each 65 inches long and, essentially, two halves of the 1-80 Model, making it possible for them to fit in the bed of a regular pickup truck.


80″ L x 18″ H x 12″ W

Fully customizable blank insert, that you can build on to fit your needs

Designed to Mount to:

Regular Pickup Truck Bed

64A Model

The 65A Model toolbox is used for hand tools and wrenches. It is identical to the tool end of our 1-80 Model but does have different options, depending on what you need. We are dedicated to making our truck toolboxes custom to what you need so they are convenient for you!

65B Model

The 65B Model designer toolbox comes in three different configurations. You can choose the bolts and parts end, which is identical to the corresponding end on our 1-80 Model, or you can choose to customize the insert for jacks and bolts, a gun rack, or a blank option you can build out to meet your specific needs.

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