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New JP Elite Toolbox

JP Elite Toolbox

1-80 Model Toolbox

Twin Models 65A & 65B Toolbox

The Shop-N-Box was built out of necessity.

We understand the struggles of farmers, mechanics, electricians, and handymen who need to easily access all of their tools from their truck. We had that same need too. If you’re looking for a durable, heavy-duty, convenient, custom, and organized toolbox, you found it! Instead of spending half your time searching for the right tools, cut your repair time in half with a toolbox.

Shop-N-Box is known as the World’s Most Compact & Organized Toolbox!

Each model of Shop-N-Box consists of a rollout vertical drawer that carries:

  • Up to 96 sockets
  • SAE wrench sets up to 1 ¼ metrics up to 24
  • Bolt bins
  • Up to 50 screw and nut drivers
  • Hi Lift Jack – needs registered mark
  • Miscellaneous (towel rack) storage

So each and every tool has its own special place.

Rollout drawers in each model are easy to remove and other drawer applications may be inserted, such as our Gun Rack or a Blank Rolling Rack that can be modified to the customer’s specific needs. It is also easy to modify to any other applications, such as carpenters, mobile veterinarians, electricians, or farmers. All of our models are powder coated with a black finish.

The Shop-N-Box’s Development

The Shop-N-Box was developed in 2011 when James Perkins was frustrated on his farm. He had no sensible way to carry his tools around the land and most truck toolboxes just took up too much space. Unable to find the perfect solution, he took matters into his own hands. The 1-80 Shop-N-Box was developed after a year of dedication trying to make it work just right to fulfill his own need for a convenient toolbox. The 1-80, the first model of the Shop-N-Box, is designed to sit on the back of a flatbed truck. You can roll it out from either side, depending on which tools you need.

All Shop-N-Box truck tool boxes are guaranteed for 5 years, with the exception of the shocks on the JP Elite model. We believe in our innovative rolling system, so we guarantee it will hold up to normal wear and tear. And if it doesn’t, we will replace it. We offer a variety of models to meet everyone’s needs.

It doesn’t matter if you work on a farm, in a mechanic’s shop, or in your own garage – you need a compact and organized toolbox to cut down on the time you spend scrounging around for your pliers.