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JP Elite 40 Toolbox

JP Elite 40 Toolbox

While many other truck toolboxes on the market will fit in the back or side of your pickup truck, they are too tall. We managed to develop a shorter truck toolbox, at just 10 inches high, that is easy to see over and won’t compromise your visibility as you’re driving. And yet, you can still access all of your tools by opening the small front door, which holds your small tools like combination wrenches and screwdrivers, and then rolling out the drawer, which will hold all your small tools.

Like all of our Shop-N-Box toolboxes, each and every tool has a place in the toolbox. Every peg matches up to the size of the wrenches and every space is made for a specific tool.

The JP Elite 40 Toolbox has a specific place for every tool, including SAE and Metric Combination Wrenches, sockets, sets of nuts and screwdrivers, hammers, bars, large wrenches, and other miscellaneous tools. JP Elite 40 Toolbox holds one set of combination SAE and one set of Metrics. 


40” w x 10” H x 25” deep

Other sizes are available by special order.

The hard top of the JP Elite 40 Toolbox  is designed to carry weight and is made of 14 gauge diamond plating. You can easily use your truck bed to transport supplies and still access your tools, even with weight on top of the box.

When you need a tool quickly, just lift the quick 11” access fold-up door and you can access your screwdrivers and wrenches easily.

Once you open the front door on your JP Elite 40 Toolbox, then you can also access the roll out tray. This is a place to keep your meters, miscellaneous wrenches, pliers, etc. Then, you can lift the top of the JP Elite 40 Toolbox to access your bigger and heavier tools, like your sockets, impact wrenches, hammers, bars, and more. Made in North America

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