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1-84 Model Toolbox

1-84 Model Toolbox

This is the original model toolbox, developed to sit on the back of a flatbed truck but can also be mounted to trailers and truck tractors.


84″ L x 18″ H x 12″ W

The drawers roll insert is 79” long and pulls out on either end and the entire drawer is removable.

The 1-84 Model Toolbox took a year to develop and was created with a dedication to detail. The 80 inch long box rolls out from both sides and the entire drawer is removable. This means you can completely customize the toolbox and the inserts to fit your specific needs. Made in North America

Insert options include:

Three-tier parts roller (for those who don’t need hand tools)

Fully customizable blank insert, that you can build on to fit your needs

The tool insert will hold 65 sockets, a set of combination wrenches SAE up to 1″ 1/16th, one set of Metric wrenches up to 25, and more! 

Designed to Mount to:


Truck Tractors

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