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How you pack can make or break your hunting trip. Pack too light, and you might forget the necessities. Pack too much, and your gear can be cumbersome. Get it just right with these 10 essentials.

Make sure to pack extra batteries. You may want to keep a flashlight handy for those early morning treks to the deer stand, but it’s an absolute must if you’re hunting overnight.

Safety belt & full body harness
Yes, they can be annoying, but not as annoying as falling out of your deer stand without one.

For obvious reasons. And some not-so-obvious, like cutting yourself loose if you fall from your stand while only wearing a chest belt (again, we’d recommend a full body harness so this doesn’t happen in the first place).

Don’t let hunger bring you down from the stand before you’re ready. A pack of M&Ms might suffice for shorter trips, but you’ll want to plan on packing protein-rich foods like jerky, energy bars, and trail mix to sustain you on a longer hunt.

For taking water in and letting water out. Just don’t mix ‘em up.

Whether your preferred tool is a rifle or a crossbow, a good pair of binoculars will help you know if an animal is worth your ammo before taking your shot.

Spare Clothing
Hot or cold, rain, mud, sweat, and the general messiness and unpredictability of hunting can quickly leave you damp and uncomfortable. Make sure to layer appropriately to stay dry and focused. If you don’t want to carry an extra set of clothing, pack a pair of dry socks and rain gear at the very least.

First aid kit
Don’t let blisters, cuts, stings, or other minor injuries ruin your focus and your good time. Keep a first aid kit in your pack so you can stitch yourself up and get back on the hunt.

Cell phone
Bear with us, we know you’re out there to connect with nature, not Facebook. Keep it turned off and packed away, but keep it on you in case you need to call for help.

Whether it’s a bow, shotgun, or rifle, it’s hard to have a successful hunt without ‘em. Whatever your weapons of choice, you need to transport them safely and securely to protect you and your tools.

A rack like Shop-N-Box’s Truck Gun Safe keeps your firearms firmly in place during transport and clears up space in your truck, so you can easily pack the rest of your hunting trip essentials. If you’re a jack of many trades, we have a gun and bow combination rack you’re sure to love.

Bonus: When you’re not hunting, you can easily take out the rollout rack and use the safe as a customized truck bed toolbox.