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Pipefitting is tough. Most people don’t even know how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep the pipes in their facilities running smoothly. You work hard, and you love the threading, cutting, and welding you do all day.

You’ve invested time into buying the tools that fit perfectly into your hands. Keep them safe in a toolbox that fits directly into your truck bed.

1. Mobility

If you don’t have a toolbox fitted to your truck bed, it’s likely you’re lugging a regular toolbox with you to work. A normal toolbox can be heavy, inconvenient, and hard to get to when you need to start your work day.

You don’t even need to separate your home tools and your work tools with a toolbox. Keep everything with you all the time, always ready when you need it no matter where you are. A truck toolbox is custom to your truck bed. You won’t have a bulky toolbox that blocks your view of the road.

2. Security

Do you leave your huge array of tools laying in your truck bed, unprotected and unsecured? If you said yes, you have to stop!

Yes, you can save a few bucks by not buying a toolbox at all. But every tool you use should have its own place. Plus, you put your hard earned money into picking out the perfect tools. If they rust or break before their time, you’ll end up spending all the money you “saved” replacing them all!

A toolbox protects your tools while keeping you organized. Don’t waste your time with a plain old toolbox where your tools get lost. You don’t want to reach for your pliers and be completely unable to find them in the gauges and clamps. You’ll cut down on your repair time when you know where every tool is without having to root around in your truck bed.

3. Built for your tools and your truck

Being a pipefitter requires totally different tools than a standard toolbox can accommodate. You can’t expect a truck toolbox designed for a farmer’s tools to make sense for your welding torch and grinders.

As a pipefitter your job means your tools have to be at the ready at a moment’s notice, especially during an emergency. Be sure you always have the right tool for any situation by keeping your toolbox in your truck bed at all times. Plus you’ll always know exactly where each tool is so you never have to scramble around looking for it.

Whether you’re a pipefitter at an oil refinery, gas plant, or any other industrial building, your job keeps the facility running. Make sure your tools are in the best shape by keeping them safe and organized with a toolbox you can keep in your truck bed.