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The Shop-N-Box is a truck toolbox built to last and designed to fit your needs. No matter what sort of tools you need to complete the job, your Shop-N-Box is accessible, durable, and has a place for everything you need.

With so many options, how can you make your Shop-N-Box work for you?

Start with a Shop-N-Box that Fits Your Needs.

The Shop-N-Box started as a single flatbed truck toolbox, but over the years it has evolved into a variety of truck toolbox models designed to fit tools and trucks of all kinds.

From the original 1-80 Shop-N-Box to our newest JP Elite model, each design includes our patented roller system, which is built to last with 10-gauge steel parts and paired with a Lifetime Guarantee. The roller system allows you to roll out the drawers of your toolbox, saving space in your truck and eliminating the need to push everything off the top of your toolbox so you can access your tools.

Every toolbox can be customized to suit your needs. Choose from multiple drawer options built with you in mind to give every tool a designated place. Cut project times in half by eliminating the time it takes to dig through your toolbox looking for what you need.

The Customization Doesn’t End There.

Having a choice of drawer inserts for your Shop-N-Box toolbox is great, but we didn’t want to limit you to how much you could customize your truck toolbox. That’s why each drawer can also be removed quickly and replaced easily with another insert.

This feature allows you to seamlessly transition between different toolsets when you switch from one job or project to the next. It’s great if you need to make the switch from your daily job to a weekend of hunting or shooting with the guys by switching for one of our gun safe rollout racks. You won’t find another toolbox that lets you switch tools without having to empty the drawers!