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Hunting trips are a great opportunity to experience the solitude of nature, the company of your fellow hunters, and the thrill of the perfect shot. But sometimes getting to your favorite hunting spot with all your guns can be a complicated process. Packing everything up properly and safely is important, especially when dealing with firearms. There are two main options for gun storage in your pickup truck:

Racks vs. Safes

When you’re choosing between a rack and a safe, it generally comes down to two things you should consider: safety and security. Yes, racks do have the space saving feature, but, unfortunately, anyone can lift a rifle or shotgun from a gun rack if it’s left unattended. Even inexperienced hunters. Plus, your guns are not protected from the elements on a rack in the bed of your truck.

A truck mounted gun safe is the most secure and convenient solution for serious hunters. They offer safety, easy transport, security, and storage to maximize space in your truck and protect your guns.

1. Safety

Most gun owners have the best intentions and are extremely safety conscious. But accidents do happen. If you bring children along on your hunting trip to show them the ropes, or any other inexperienced hunter, they shouldn’t have easy access to your guns. Keeping your guns in a gun safe makes an accident less likely. Plus… do you really want anyone else to be able to handle your guns without your supervision? Not likely.

2. Easy transport

Gun safes are bulky and heavy, which can keep some people from investing in one. But portable gun safes fitted into your truck bed are a great solution. Many of these gun safes can be mounted to the back of your truck for easy access on your hunting trip. Plus, with a gun safe in the bed, you can free up much needed space in the cab of your truck so your passenger(s) can have a more legroom and stretch out a little.

3. Security

There are thieves who keep an eye out for unsecured guns. If you regularly store your gun in your truck, or if you are parking at a popular hunting spot, it’s a good idea to lock up your guns to ward off someone who may be looking to steal from an unsuspecting victim.

4. Additional storage

Gun safes can store more than just your guns. Most truck bed gun safes also have additional storage for items like your ammo box. Keep everything organized and safe outside of the small amount of room you have in your truck’s cab.