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Working with electricity is a skilled, technical, and, at times, dangerous trade that requires guts and determination. An uninformed person may think every electrician does the same thing, but there are a variety of electrical craftsmen out there. They’re generally divided into 3 major specialties:

Residential electricians: Work in your home and on construction sites.

Commercial and industrial electricians: Work on a contract basis or in-house at facilities.

Linemen: Work on powerlines.

Every specialty takes different skills, and different skill sets need different tool sets! Most electricians drive a pickup truck as part the job. If your tools are disorganized in the bed of your truck, or too heavy to carry in a traditional toolbox, we have your solution: a Shop-N-Box truck mounted toolbox.

Why every specialty electrician needs a truck mounted toolbox from Shop-N-Box

Residential Electricians: Mobility
As a residential electrician, you move between job sites rapidly and at times unexpectedly. You never want to get caught without your tools when you get a call and have to hurry to a far-off job site. This problem is especially difficult if you have separate toolboxes for work and home.

A Shop-N-Box truck bed mounted toolbox keeps your tools both organized and easy to transport, so you never have to worry about leaving anything behind when you’re in a rush. No more lugging your toolbox into every home you visit. Just grab your tools from the bed of your truck and put what you need in your electrician’s belt for immediate use.

Commercial and Industrial Electricians: Customization
Heavy machinery repair requires heavy duty tools. Your custom designed Shop-N-Box toolbox will help you organize every tool, both big and small. A Shop-N-Box toolbox never compromises your visibility while you drive, but is large enough to hold everything easily. Every notch, every insert, and every drawer is completely custom to your tools. Your wire strippers, meters, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, drills, and everything else you need will be right there when it’s time to get a difficult commercial or industrial job done.

Linemen: Efficiency
Working on powerlines is one of the most hazardous jobs in the world. Your tools are highly specialized to your profession, and you never have a moment to waste when you’re on call. Whether its regular maintenance or an emergency repair, you need to be alert and ready when you’re dealing with active powerlines.

The convenience of having your tools organized in your truck bed prepares you for any job so you’re never scrambling for the tool you need. You can easily go to your Shop-N-Box truck bed toolbox, sort your tools in your belt, and get right to work. No need to haul a heavy toolbox with you when you’re up in the forklift.