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The Shop-N-Box is a Toolbox for Farmers

The Shop-N-Box is a Toolbox for Farmers

Shop-N-Box was developed by a farmer who was frustrated with how he carried his tools. Without a toolbox, he had no easy way to carry tools around his land to get his work done efficiently, but the toolboxes he saw available for the bed of his pickup truck took up too much space and didn’t allow him to organize or find his tools easily.

Unable to find the right solution to fit his needs, he took matters into his own hands and developed the first Shop-N-Box in 2011. Since then, the Shop-N-Box has evolved into multiple models with a variety of customization options, but the idea has remained the same: a durable, convenient toolbox built to make your job easier.

What Makes the Shop-N-Box the Best Toolbox for Farmers?

Extra Space

Between large tools, straw bales, livestock feed, and everything in between, space is everything for a farmer when it comes to the bed of his pickup truck. The 1-80, the first Shop-N-Box model, is designed with this in mind.

The compact design is made to sit in the back of your pickup without taking up too much space, and the patented Roller System design will open from multiple sides so you can grab your tools without unloading your truck.


With every Shop-N-Box model, convenience is key. Choose from multiple insert options designed to give everything in your tool collection a designated place, so you’ll spend less time digging around trying to find what you need.


You need a toolbox that can stand up to anything when you’re out in the fields. Designed to be mounted to flatbeds, truck tractors, or trailers, our Shop-N-Box models are all coated with a black powder finish to prevent rust and corrosion.

Every Shop-N-Box model also features our patented Roller System, which is made with 10 gauge steel and built to last. If your roller system fails to live up to normal wear and tear, we’ll replace it at no charge.